Performing at a high level during long periods?

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Performing at a high level during long periods?

So i find that if I keep pushing myself to the limit during a longer period of time I burn out and get tilted/frustrated. I am trying to keep a better balance in my life and also realizing what factors go into performing at a high but not maximum level all the time. I remember Sauce saying in one of the Joe Ingram podcasts that he tries to play at a 90% effort (or something like that) and not take the game too seriously. He argues that this helps him be relaxed and execute his strategy well during long periods (I am paraphrazing a lot here).

But this has stuck with me since I find that most players including myself are usually trying very hard to play our best at all times, getting attached to bad beats and bad plays more than neccesary. As a result of this we are not able to develop our own game and breaking out of "standard" plays and finding new solutions and improving.

The last couple of months I have been playing a stake where I absolutely crush, like 20bb/100+ and this has opened up my eyes to the value of being relaxed and very very comfortable whenever I sit down to play and I want to keep this feeling whilst moving up the stakes so I am trying to write down some things that I think will help me in the long term.

TLDR: Lets discuss what we are all doing to perform in the long term.

I will go first:

  • Playing stakes I KNOW I am a winner at.
  • Putting in enough time at the tables.
  • Being comfortable in my own game and having a (good enough) answer to the most common spots.
  • Being secure in my abilities to execute whatever task need to be done.
  • Being financialy secure both in poker BR and my IRL money.
  • Playing enough tables to not push the limit of my attentionspan.
  • Developing a relaxed life in general where I am rested and happy.
  • Having a strong and relaxed body.
  • Having a good diet
  • Plan breaks/meet new people/date
  • Having a daily routine and a schedule.

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