PLO: Day One

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PLO: Day One

Sup guys

This is a cbet of the former blog (exploiting balance) lost access to that account lol, and then realized i actually had access to my original account :).

The blog's name is in honor of the days when I was working at Amazon, and my greatest goal was playing poker professionally, There was a strong belief in treating every day as "Day 1", staying hungry, working hard, innovating, and not letting success get to your head.

Anyways a little recap of that blog, I'm 23 now, I made it to NL400 and not much else has changed lol. Anyways I'm ditching NLHE cash games and moving to PLO, and hopefully more mixed games in the future :) . I love poker as a whole, but considering the way things are going it just doesn't seem prudent to continue to put in a ton of work for no limit. I'm not super thrilled to not have reached highest stakes in that game, which was what I really wanted all along, but I think I have grown to accept that there's quite a bit of ego in that thought. I do however feel proud of my progress in No Limit, and I'm glad I was able to prove that with hard work, and the right support anything is possible. I think I'll have to use that motivation towards getting really good at PLO and making it to the highest stakes and battling the best in PLO. Amsogood, actionfreak, veni sup guys!

I'm still not sure of how I want to approach this. I'd love to make a vlog or stream on twitch but I don't really know if I wanna be so public, and honestly it just seems like a distraction, but we'll see what happens. As for my approach to PLO, going to continue getting coaching and I'll be reviewing the upswing course, after that I'll probably put in some work with the Upswing PLO Matrix, then put some work in with Run it once's Vision, then start to run sims on monker. I feel really confident in my ability to get good at this game. I think that by replicating my holdem journey and eliminating the mistakes I made, a lot of progress can be made rapidly.

My number 1 goal for this journey is to simply focus on improving every day and not letting results get to my head, good and bad. Perhaps my greatest enemy in poker has been tilt/ mental game issues. I haven't really struggled much in the past months with tilt, I think we got that out of the way, Can't really remember the last time I went monkey mode at the table. However, I still struggle emotionally with some of the emotions that are natural in poker, still have trouble with going on swings, and still have some trouble with big losing days I am inspired though by one of Phil Galfond's old vlogs where he had just lost like $340k or something and was pretty cool about it. IMo thats some insane edge to have, if you can just continue to work and not be affected by these things, then you'll end up going further then most, even if you're not more talented. This week I started working with a psychologis, aka getting some therapy. I think that I made quite a bit of progress already in the first session. Will probably continue to do this once a week. I plan on taking the mental side of poker just as important as the strategy part. I know this will be essential especially if I'll be playing PLO.

Smell ya later

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