PLO2 to PLO200

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PLO2 to PLO200

This is not a challenge to prove that I am good, it's because that's all i have right now for poker. Long story short, I am a bad player (bad skills, and bad mindset). At least for right now.

I don't want to brag about my problem right now, or my poker history right now. because i think, nobody cares.

The challenge is for me being more discipline. Discipline to keep mindful mind when winning and losing, keep study, and keep grinding. Not to chase a losing session or play bigger games to chase some buyins.
Also maybe this Post will get me a new poker friends . because i don't have any poker friends IRL

My ultimate goal is of course to get a nice side income or maybe get a better income than my 9to5 job. But that is so far from reality.
This all Challenge is for me to get from $50 (25BI PLO2) to $50.000 (250BI PLO200)
Don't know, maybe it's too high of a hopeful dream right now.

So why is omaha? Because i see that maybe Online NLHE is very hard to beat now. All the regs are getting better. so the opportunity is maybe in Live nlh or online PLO.
I saw someone post a 1 million hand on PLO200 for >5bb/100 and it motivates me. maybe online poker isn't dead? maybe i can still do better than before.

Learning Status:
- I Am currently working on my preflop games with plo matrix. Trying to learn 100bb , 50bb, and last 250bb.
- Have a from the ground up plo, but haven't finish it yet.

My current bankroll is just $50 .
My plan is to play PLO2 zoom and regular table, maybe most of it will be zoom to get more volume.
Play some $1-$2 mtt.

My 1st step goal is to play PLO10 with $500 (50BI) and work to at least PLO25 with $1000 (50BI) because PLO10 lower the rake is high.
Then go to PLO 50 higher with 200 BI. I now play on GG because it have a lot of traffic, but maybe will move to stars also, after I could play on PLO25 because i could get 40% rakeback from the challenge.

Wish me luck guys, I hope i will be discipline to be better.
I would update my status, and some of interesting hands, and some of story hopefully weekly.

Please give me any advice or tips that would help me.
Best Regards, Thank You

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