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Poem to One

Hey everyone, in 2017 I have written a poem and I have been asked by many friends and a couple poker players to send it to them after they have either read it or heard it, so I decided to post it here as well. I hope you enjoy it -

Poem To One By Chris Pimmer

What once was lost, stillness brings back.
Humility in action keeps your life on track.

Rehearsing this, confusion ceases to be.
Every moment holds magic you just need to see.

Stopping when good leaving things to be done,
The unconscious at work and so much more fun.

Why not stop short taking it in as it is,
but over doing and losing the beauty and bliss.
Allowing things to happen and not interfere,
means understanding to which law things adhere.

Little by little amounts to a lot,
yet still everyone tries to land the big shot.

It is presence in now that makes everything bright,
the timing of nature is hidden in sight

In all that you do, don't just think of thee.
Learning to listen you set yourself free

Expressing yourself in the truest form,
is the only way to avoid the storm.

I cannot tell what of rise and fall,
how would I know, I don't see it all.

What appears as the one in the moment of now
might be the other as time took a bow.

I don't cling to thoughts that I might hold dear,
but rather accept that new things often appear.

Unlearn and rehearse, everyday from the heart.
Yet people don't see the true size of this part.

You have a gut feeling, and it doesn't make sense.
Stop and explore to lift the suspense.
A living example for all to observe
Those that do see I eternally serve.
For those that don't, I patiently wait
My love for them is just as great.

I follow behind not daring to lead
Knowing that everyone has their own deed.

Trust in the process and all will be fine.
Not judging is when you touch on divine.

Words are not needed to express what you feel.
Show love from the heart and they'll knows it is real.

I surrender myself to what nature presents,
I yield and retreat whenever given the chance.

Inverting the problem I find an idea,
the hidden truth I no longer fear.

Simplicity is where beauty resides,
yet few of us ever reduce on all sides.

Slowly I move to take everything in,
not dwelling on where I could have been.

Without further ado, I am just about done,
But please understand that all is one.

To nothing I strive to nothing I cling,
I love myself and everything.

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