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Poker life routine

Hey everyone!

Im a 23 year old student from Brazil. I've always been passionated about poker and played it and dreamed of being a professional when I was ~18-19 as I started to play with friends and perceived that the game could be solved and money could be won at it, so I started going to high school and reading and studying poker during all classes. I became a cash game regular at my city poker club, but I've always loved MTTs and wanted to be a pro at it, so I sent application to the 2 biggest poker teams in Brazil (perhaps in the entire world), but since I didn't had any online volume, wasn't accepted. Then, somehow I've got accepted in one of the best universities of the country on engineering, so my poker dream became supressed.

In the middle of all this, I had another chance of pursuing my dream, playing for a micro stakes stable in Brazil, and that experience was really really bad, and after it, I felt that it just wasn't for me the work that I nedded to put on and I gived up back then.

Earlier in 2020, during the pandemic, without the personal interaction on my university (which was the only thing that held me there), my interest on engineering and working on the field that I was studying reached its bottom, making me feel really despondent and without a goal for my future. Saying that, I decided to give another try at poker, an old friend from my 18 year's homegames oferred to stake me on apps and I accepted. Started to have nice results and decided that I would give a try for myself on the .com sites, where I build a nice constancy through a couple of months.

I was studying and evolving through a brazilian community, but wasn't enough, and was aiming to reach a higher level. A couple of friends who were having astonishing results and having the career in a way that I admire, were playing for a team named Poker Detox, what piqued my interest. Talking to my friends, one of them invited me to join the team, and I saw there a big opportunity and decided to head in it, sent my application and got accepted.

And that's where I am now, since 15th August 2020 I moved up from a ~$5ABI to a ~$55ABI, with 5-figure profit throughout ~6k games, craving more and more and never felt so realized in my entire life, really loving the path!

To ilustrate that, these are my graphics from back then to now:

For me, a solid routine and good habits are the pillars for a successfull career & life in poker, so I am starting this new habit of journalling, after feeling a big downgrade on my performance caused by some failures on my daily routine, decided to add a new habit which seems really enriching. But this is a subject for another post, will try to upgrade here 1-2x a week.

Let's share experiences, looking forward to know everyone.


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