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Poker makes me miserable

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Poker makes me miserable

I am doing my best to win in poker like 4 or more years now without any success and to add on that, poker makes me sad and miserable.

No matter what you do if you don't hit you not winning. And by hitting i mean even the goods to semi-bluff.. and when you semi-bluff well its good to complete some times. So when not hitting a think for 2-3 days, control is lost and you try different things at some spots.. and you loose again.. then you try to get your self together and make no more mistakes and be patient etc.. So you 3bet Akcc bb vs co and flop comes 86Jhh and you are tired again to check fold.. so you check/call and co happens to bet 3 streets.. even on a Ks turn.. 3c river and of course he has the goods.. ALWAYS. and yes i can be a really good calling station after a point.

I have started to believe that I am just stupid and that I cannot understand the game. I was never good with games anyway.

Then I sit down and try to understand myself. YES I am emotional after a bad hand and yes I put a limit to sit out every single hour. Close the client. But it keeps coming in the next session.. no profit at all. getting even .. graph goes up +10bi because I had a good session for 1 day and then for 4 days it destroys me.

Don't know what the fuck is going on.. I like the game and I like the challenge and i am not a quiter.

But I guess am I not clever enough for the game.

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