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Hi guys!

First journal here at RIO! Happy to finally have done it ahah

To introduce myself, I used to play micros in 2014/2015 but stopped due to external reasons. The best I got at the time was a few shots at 25NL.
Came back to poker a few weeks ago, started off with 5NL and quickly moved up to 25NL (running good) and now back to 10NL (running bad).
This is obviously due to my aggressive bankroll management of 15BIs to take a shot of 5BIs at the next level. The idea behind it that I believe I have an edge over the population, so want to get out of the micros asap. At least up to 25NL where the rake is less bad. Not sure what my strategy is to move up to 50NL. Time will tell.

Introductions done. Here's the graph!

Still running above EV as you can see. However, the EV line just show us a tiny bit of what variance is.
I can go into further detail on this on a later post if you guys think it's reasonable.

The idea behind the journal is to make myself accountable, get to know like-minded people and have some fun honestly.
I'll try to update regularly, aiming for once a week to start with.

And yeah, the goal with poker is to be able to quit my well-paid job in the IT industry which starts to have some serious thought once I get to 100NL - 200NL.

Last but not least, will try to keep this initial post as a sort of index for future posts, if that's possible.

Congrats if you've made it this far! Best of luck at the tables!

PS: please do be picky with my writing skills as English is not my first language.

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