PokerStars Software Bug (Possible Scam)

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PokerStars Software Bug (Possible Scam)

The PokerStars support have been very professional and promised to refund me the difference when they confirm the issue with the software.
The PokerStars support refused to issue a refund, since "Refunds are possible only in cases where we are objectively at fault or there was an evident technical issue that provoked a loss to our players, which is not the case here."
So full cash out for me. I also opened a thread with all the details including a recorded video of the"bug" on 2+2.

Hello guys,

I just had the pleasure of withdrawing money from PokerStars (EUR) to Neteller (EUR). Preferred Currency in PokerStars Client is EUR.

What I have realized after incurring 6% transactions fees is that the default option when you are making the withdrawal is that the money will be paid in (USD). So you have to explicitly go through the dropdown which isn't super visible with all the flat design of the new Cashier, and select that yes you want the EUR amount to be send in EUR, otherwise defaulting to USD.

Is this thing just a bug or a little bit of scam?


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