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pursue something more rewarding

I used two year + ish (during which i seriously tried) from unstable micro 5, 10, 25nl to beat 200z (4.5bb) and 3.12bb on 500z ... stars
the lifestyle not enjoyable ... the losing sucks ... also it's a deflating scene that some high stake reg has to play 500z .. some former 500z, 1k reg now mainly plays 200z ... not much bright future basically.

Most importantly, if that's the future if I continue this path, I'm not excited.

Also note. I don't have the competitive advantage they have, long term. I don't enjoy grinding 50-100k a year with thin edge. Geologically, I'm not a citizen of a country where u can just play poker and not worry about much else. Yeah just live somewhere u can just play ... all meritocracy is such a privilege. Socially .. i don't have any support nor do I seek any understanding.

I'm quitting today.

Some lessons I learned:
Be logical, analytical, has a framework to approach complex, difficult things.
I'm not in full control at all times with what I do.
Be a lifelong learner is probably better than not be a lifelong learner, keep challenging oneself is probably better than completely settle down.

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