Pursuing Average

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Pursuing Average

What’s up guys. So quick history. I cut my teeth playing online for about 5 years, and landed grinding the 100nl games as my main limit w a 11bb/100 wr.

Last January I quit my job to play full time and have been playing for a living since 2019. In the past year I fully transitioned to Live games, realizing the softest money existed there, and felt like I was banging my head against a wall in online games that are constantly getting tougher and require a lot of upkeep in study time. Plus, grinding 100nl online isn’t a promising long term plan, and the variance at higher stakes just mentally exhausted me too much.

Playing the past year full time I’ve learned a few important things. Namely I don’t have grandeur visions for poker anymore. What I want out of the game is pretty humble. Essentially i want to play three 7 hours sessions a week and earn around 1k weekly on average. I want to use that income as a foundation to invest my time, energy, and money into business opportunities.

I’m mostly playing 1/3 w a $500 cap, so to achieve what I want I need to get more comfortable playing 2-5 on a consistent basis.

I have a small sample in the 2-5 games in my área, but the average Pool is soft and I think I have an edge for sure. My WR is high, but I think it may be inflated because of some insane games I played in over the summer.

My main challenge is going to be mental game. I have a tendency to lose confidence really easily and stress myself out over small mistakes, and just generally get distracted by things outside the game like my social life, girls, contemplating god lol.

I think creating a routine is mandatory for me to achieve what I want, just so I can have some boundaries and have a bit more clarity day to day.

What that looks like? Basically playing Wednesday-Friday, with time blocked from 3pm-1am. Play 4 hours, take a break for dinner, come back to room, and play second half of session. I think with this structure I can achieve the 1k weekly to create a launch pad for the rest of my life.

Goals outside of poker. A primary goal is to
Get shredded. Inspiration coming from this 50 yr old dude at the YMCA who is lean and mean ha. Basically what that looks like is lifting heavy 4 days a week, attending yoga clases 2 times a week, and going for a minimum of a 4 mile run 2 times a week.

Aside from fitness, I want to focus more on nutrition and meal prepping. I eat relatively clean, but still overdo my sodium intake by quite a lot, which I know is really bad for my health long term. It’s also really easy for me to get into bad spending habits when eating out constantly, and generally I feel less disciplined when eating out all the time. Currently in the middle of a 21 day fast from eating out, meaning I only eat food that’s prepared from home until March 9.

Outside of poker/health, business opportunities I’m focused on is event planning. I really love people and creating opportunities for meaning. I was vegan for about 3 years and built a lot of connections within the community, so my first paid event is Feb 29, where I’m hosting a Vegan Cheeze and Wine night, tapping into the connections I built during my time in that world.

Outside of that, making time for tennis, skating, dating, friends, and continuing to learn new things through reading/audible. I’ve been drawn to learning a martial art as well, and want to get into BJJ.

I’d like to learn some new skills that translate into career opportunity as well, so that’s something on the lookout. Currently in application process to do some substitute teaching and see if a career in teaching is something I may want to pursue.

So there you have it. A not so poker journal. Updates will likely be random and more general/life related, and spontaneous. I do love the RIO community and feel it’s an important place to me and a place I draw poker inspiration from and a place to refine my own understanding. The forums help me a lot having people to bounce off of. Maybe we can get into some cool convos in here as well.

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