Redline super problem

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Redline super problem

Hello everyone,so for majority of last months i studied the game hard every day and gotten good results (50z-100z were my main games) and i thought i am way ahead of the avarage reg level on those stakes for sure, but recently i just became hardstuck im not even winning anymore redline is eating me alive and more the more is the case im starting to figure out that redline is the most important part of a winning player and ppl who say dont be obssesed with redline are wrong because for example i just played yesterday -12 buyin redline session so to think about it like this it means u have to stack someone 12 times without making any calldown mistakes or thin value bets just to BREAKEVEN and thats fcking crazy honestly,like i pretty much know all the spots for redline like open a lot,defend a lot raise BB a lot vs cbet but still it aint working.....So i was wondering have anyone had this kind of problem and managed to get over it,or atleast if u can recommend me some of the coaches u had in the past who foccuses on redline style of play would be super helpful,Thanks.

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