Relearning Poker

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Relearning Poker

Hey everyone, I'm getting back into poker for the first time since Black Friday. I joined RIO because I used to be a Blue Fire member and really respect Phil and understand the quality he would adhere to on this site. I'm fully aware that poker has passed me by and it's a completely new game in 2021 so I need to relearn everything. Ultimately I want PLO to be my main game but NLHE is still way more popular, especially live, so like most of you all I'll play both.

But if you had to relearn poker fundamentals from one game that would translate best to both would you focus on NLHE or PLO? I totally get they are different games, but I'm talking about just getting a grasp on board textures, hand ranges, bet sizing, etc. I understand to truly get great at either you need to put in the work at both. I'm just thinking that with PLO, there are so many more possibilities and combos to think thru a hand, that would translate better to NHLE when in those situations. Does that make any sense?

Thanks for any input!

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