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Revenge time! Let's do it!

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Revenge time! Let's do it!

Ok. Where to start..? My history on this forum was this : And a couple of posts before. But my popularity comes from this.
About my poker life. I play poker for a long time. I played live for a couple of months, not as a pro but as an entertaining activity. I managed to win about 1000$ in 2 months playing some small tournaments and cash at little place, it wasn't even a casino. I played online some time with almost no results, a 4th place at a tournament resulting 500$, another 500$ winning 2 SNGs in the winter promotion on PS.Then I managed to make 2000$ from cash Nl2-Nl50 in about 3 months but managed to lose it all in 3 days. Yep. 3 days. 3 months of work in 3 days. My mistake was that i was overconfident. Got drunk at a party and when i arrived home, instead of going to sleep and wait till the next day, i decided to play...Nl50 and l lost about 600$. and spewed the rest in the next days being titled all the time.
As i said in that link posted above. I am not giving up and i am more motivated than ever and the big comeback is coming. I will do anything and everything for it. I want it so bad. I am going to do it. So i had a few starcoins left and bought 10 0.25$ Spin and Go tickets. Made 3$ out of them. Now i am going to play 0.10$ 360 people SNGs. 30 entries.
My goal now, short term is to make that 2000$ in 2 months. I am going to play those SNGs untill i make a bankroll for NL5 I think. About 125$ is what i need. Maybe i will play SNGs untill 250$ for NL10. I am not sure now. I am going to post here my evolution and some hands where i am not sure what i am doing. I guess there are a lot of those given that i lost that much money in such short period of time. So i want a new begining. Hope no one was offended by that post. My main language is not english so i will say sorry in advance for mistakes.
Let's do it.

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