Revive my clan, and be hokage! ( CG blog )

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Revive my clan, and be hokage! ( CG blog )

Stakes: 50nl
50BI rule for each limit
Starting Br: 30BI ~-> 1500
move down when 30 BIs for 20nl so 600
move up when 30 BIs for 100nl so 3000
-play solid
-play not too much tables(no more than 4), to not lose focus, and not forget the previous action at table, so for start 1-2 tables ok.
-tryhard to handread and narrow range! (impossibru at more tables for me , even at 3 i guess..)

Anticipate failure:

„I know that things will go wrong when I try to change something. But
that won‘t stop me from changing them.“

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