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RIO Poker Journal

Hello everyone!

I have made a New Year resolution of playing NL holdem on RIO Poker, and hopefully post my results here on this forum.

First of, I must say that I´m not a native English speaker but I think that my English will be good enough for this purpose.

I'm a 28 year old guy who was introduced to Texas Holdem in 2008. when the World Poker Tour was broadcasted on our national TV. Me and my friends were crazy about the show, it was aired at 9.PM and 2.AM and we watched it every day... We were so intrigued how the game was skill based and talked every day about the previous episode we watched and about some hands that were played. At that time I didn't have Facebook and someone told me that you could play Texas Holdem on it, and that was the reason I made my Facebook profile back in the day lol.
After making my Facebook account I started playing Poker on it, and very soon, I have figured out that the level of play was nothing similar what I watched on TV, but I played it anyway because I liked the game, and at the time there was a leader board of Top 100 players (total chip count) in the world and by country witch I wanted to be at.

After that when I was 17 (yes I know) I made a account on FTP and there I enjoyed to play poker the most, the year was 2009, and I played just freerolls. I l liked it immediately, that was the closest (till then) to the Poker I watched on TV and had nothing to do with that Facebook game I used to play. I played once a day at 8.PM the 150 or 250 $ freeroll (I can't remember exactly) but the 1. place was 15$ and after some time I managed to take the first place, and I was so thrilled, like I won the WPT lol.
I didn't know anything about BRM, I played Poker very aggressive and didn't play any good... but I was lucky, and I turned that 15$ in 400$ in a week, I played one table NL Cash games, with a 2BI bankroll management (Didn't even know about BRM, didn't care too). I never thought about withdrawing the money coz I was living the dream lol and was thrilled about playing at that levels (NL100, NL200), bluffing my opponents, slow playing, and trying to do the fancy plays that I saw on TV.
Very fast I started loosing and was introduced to the second word in the name of the site I was playing: Tilt! I lost it all in one session!

After that point I started to learn NL holdem strategies, played a little on Stars (I was 18 at the time ;)), I mainly played mtts at the micro levels and had some good results, I don't remember how many times I was on the final table but I won it all 3 times. I played recreational Poker, once a week, sometimes more sometimes less and then 2011. arrived and the Black Friday came.

I played again from 2014. mainly cash games, on the lowest limits, I bought HM2 and started learning more and more... I always played recreational, never played more than 2 months constantly and in 2016 when I decided to play more seriously, Pokerstars has made the VIP changes and it turned me of from Poker, at least from online Poker. I played often with my friends and on some smaller live tournaments, I follow poker news, YouTube videos etc... So I found out about the RIO Poker project, I followed it constantly,

and I waited for the RIO Poker site to launch, I played on it to try it out at the first day it launched (didn't plan to play much) but I fell in love in the site and the team behind the site, I started to play when ever I had time, and made some money from it, but I stopped I had to go out of the county for a while and couldn't play.

Now I decided to play more constantly, I think RIO Poker is doing great things in online Poker and I believe they will succeed and grow big!
I have the From the Ground Up course and I will study it while playing from the Ground up, from NL4!

  • My current bankroll is: 250 €
  • I will use the 50BI BRM strategy
  • Will move up to NL10 at 500€, and back to NL4 at 450€
  • I will play at least (and I know that the number is small, but I have a job) 20K hands a month.
  • I plan finishing the FTGU course, while taking notes and posting at RIO forums for some answers, by March 1. and then move to the essential videos.
  • I will post here at least 1 time a month.

I have HM3 free trail to import RIO HH and will download PT4 free trail after that, I know that I will need to invest in one of the two in the future but for now the free trails will do, I don't really like the HM3 for RIO Poker, will see how the PT4 looks like before making a purchase decision. I would like some suggestions from some of you if you have some advice's.

I hope I will play more hands and post more often then I said above, but I don't want to set my goals too high straight away.

I didn't see a journal where someone plays at RIO Poker but if there is someone that has one, or will have one, I would subscribe right away.

I hope RIO will have a great year!

If someone read the whole post, thank you! I will talk to you soon!

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