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Run It Once by day, Zoom by night

Greetings everyone,

Some of you may know me from the Run It Once Poker threads. If not, my name is Nick Steiner, and I’m the content and community engagement manager for Run It Once Poker. I’ve been working with Run It Once since July.

Background on me: I’m originally from the USA, and in July I made the move to Malta to begin working at the Run It Once Poker office. I’ve been playing poker for roughly 15 years off and on. I’ve primarily played MTTs on ACR and Bovada. I have a decent amount of cash game experience, but it’s mainly live cash (which obviously has much weaker competition).

I began playing MTTs when I first arrived in Malta, but as of late they haven’t worked well with my schedule. Roughly 1.5 months ago, a couple of coworkers (Dan & Emils) and I decided to try the coveted “Bankroll Challenge.” Our challenge is to turn $100 into $10,000.

When we began this challenge, I wasn’t too excited because I didn’t want to play $1~ MTTs. I quickly torched my first two bullets by playing $11+ tournaments. Imagine that…

I quit playing for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, Dan was steadily building his bankroll playing 6m $5 NL. So, I decided to jump back into the streets. Third time's the charm.

I decided I’d take a shot at cash games so I wouldn’t punt off my roll again. If it wasn’t clear, I obviously don’t practice proper bankroll management. I began 2-tabling NLHE $10 zoom. Over, 3~ weeks I played roughly 20k~ hands and I managed to increase my bankroll to $270.

Last week a new challenge came about, which brought about this post. I made a prop bet w/ Emils, to encourage me to put in more volume. I have never played cash games regularly and had no idea what the average number of hands for a month is. I ended up betting that I could play 90k hands in November.

Mr. Phil Galfond and James Hudson are in Malta, and on Friday when I told them about this challenge, they both laughed and thought I was making a donation to Emils.

James asked why I didn’t initially share our BRC on the forums and suggested to create a post and share these challenges. So, here we are.

On Saturday, I kicked off the 90k challenge playing six tables of zoom (4 $5 zoom, 2 $10 zoom). Results can be seen below.

Six tables wasn’t getting me enough volume, so Sunday I decided to increase the table count and go for eight zoom tables. Results can be seen below.

My goal with this journal is to share the ride of these two challenges with the RIO community and hold myself accountable. Hopefully, some of you will find this thread interesting.

Thanks for reading and GL to all of you :D

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