Security & Ecology agreement on GG network. ''Predatory behaviour''

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Security & Ecology agreement on GG network. ''Predatory behaviour''

So after I got 5th time randomly logged out in the middle of the hands on 6+ tables out of GGnetwork software because of ''connection lost'', although my internet connection is great, I decided to write supports about this issue, and I randomly caught this ''Security and Ecology agreement'' thing, so I thought I'll read it, and I found a paragraph ''Predatory behaviour'', witch states this:
2.1. Predatory Behavior is defined as User activities focused primarily on engaging in unethical advantages and tactics to exploit other players in order to gain unfair profit. These include, but are not limited to; bum-hunting, collusion, use of artificial intelligence, rat-holing, grimming, hit and running, buttoning and other unethical actions (mostly deemed unethical by general consensus of the poker community). GGNetwork's promise to its Users is to provide a safe, fun, and enjoyable poker environment. Predatory Behavior is in direct conflict with our promise, and as such, The Security Team adopts a strict zero-tolerance policy.
2.2. As The Security Team reviews on a case-by-case scenario based on the gravity of the suspected offence, The Security Team reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend Users suspected of Predatory Behavior from the Network for a period of no more than 60 (sixty) days, pending the conclusion of an investigation into the User’s activities.
Bumhunting paragraph states:
4.1. Bumhunting is defined as the act of deliberately targeting one subset of (usually weaker) players while avoiding giving action to another subset of (usually stronger) players.
4.2. Should a User be suspected of engaging in Bumhunting, GGNetwork reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend the User from the Network for up to 60 (sixty) days, pending the conclusion of an investigation into the User’s activities.
4.4. Where we find clear evidence of Bumhunting, any related confiscated funds will be distributed (at the Security Team’s judgment) to affected users as evenly as possible.
PENALTIES paragraph:
17.2. Penalties for confirmed breaches, based on the accumulated information available, may be one, or a combination of the following:
1) A warning
2) Temporary suspension of User’s account
3) Permanent ban of User’s account
4) Block of deposits/withdrawals/inter-wallet transfers
5) Seizure of funds to compensate victims of breach (loss of funds due to use of bots or other 3rd Party Programs, loss of funds due to collusion, loss of funds due to bumhunting). Seizure of funds may include funds not only in the User’s poker wallet, but overall wallet and pending withdrawals within the Brand.

​17.3. The Security Team’s decision is final and reserves the right to determine whether or not a breach of the Security and Ecology Agreement has occurred.

I haven't read any other poker site policies, so I have no clue if that's standart or not, but I have a strong suspicion that it's not. I'm wondering if I should keep playing on the site, because it seems like you could get banned for almost anything, even if you're not table select (''bumhunt''), you could just end your session and they will state that you violated the rules by ''hit and run'' (paragraph 2.1). I've read quite a few stories of players getting banned and site confiscated their bankrolls, one of the most popular when MMAsherdog got banned for bumhunting and site took 25k$ out of him. All of this seems very shady, would be cool to hear opinions on all these things, and if I should just keep playing on the site and don't worry about it?

GG network security and ecology agreement

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