Short deck poker

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Short deck poker

Hi guys,

We can avoid short deck poker like most of the public avoids bitcoin but I think it is here to stay. This will have to be taken into consideration by content team.
Would be nice if we did start a discussion about just about the biggest televised game.

Few questions that are on my mind and hopefully everyone can pitch in and we can go forward and sleep at night.

  1. Will short deck make it to America?
  2. Is this a fud or a real thing like bitcoin?
  3. How will this effect poker community? ( I can tell you that we all knew what was happening in Macau, what is the reason to televise it now? )
  4. Is this a way of poker stakes just keep going up? Jason has mentioned it in his interview in Montenegro, stakes keep going up.
  5. I would love to hear real analysis from Jason of his time there. He is a coach here and a monster in a good way.

I thought I would post something that interests me. My first post and hope I am within the etiquette of poker community!

Cheers, guys.

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