Should I play live?

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Should I play live?

I've been thinking about changing to live poker, there are a couple of casinos in my city holding $2/$4 and the occasional 4/8 games that are suuuuuper soft. People there have no clue of bet sizing, they dont think in terms of BBs they just think of the money. A $28 raise in a $2/$4 game is smaller for them than a $40 raise in a 5/10 game, you see people playing draws in insane ways, calling with bluff catchers huge river bets, etc. You know the kind of game where you are gonna get called down a lot and you can value bet huge. 

So the thing is I have clearly an edge in this games. Online I play nl25 and I think I have like a 5bb/100 at the most and I play 4 tables max.

How do you think my bb/100 rate or hourly rate would be at those live games?

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