Should I quit or get staked?

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Should I quit or get staked?

Hey guys,

This post might be longish so please bear with me, I REALLY need some advice from fellow players.

I have been playing poker full time now for just over 4 years. I play low to mid-stakes sngs and mtts with an ABI of about $18, achieving a 30% ROI over 20k+ games. However, in the last 18months, I have found my results have stagnated, largely being due to my arrogance (thinking I was better than I was), running bad deep in big mtts and the field becoming much tougher.
Without doubt, my arrogance has cost me the most. I had a really good end to 2016, I was gradually moving up in stakes and my results were getting better and better-I was final tabling 'Bigs' and having deep runs in higher stakes mtts I had satted on various different sites. This was all without doing any real study or work on my game-this is where my arrogance/false sense of belief came from. I have no friends in poker so I had nobody to tell me where I was going wrong or what I should be working on, I sort of just learnt the came on my own as I went along. All my friends have 'real' jobs and only play for fun the odd time.

There is a lot more I can say but I feel like I am rambling so I will try get to the point. I am currently making about $600 p/w playing poker(I have been working on my game the last 12 months), roughly a 40hour grind. However I am feeling incredibly unfullfilled. I see twicthers and other players I follow on twitter hitting big scores and playing big live events. I have never been backed and I am starting to wonder is this the route I need to go to take the next step? I have a college degree with a job that pays twice on what I am currently making at the tables, I hate it though.
I got into poker for the money and freedom but now I feel like I no longer have either. I don't know what to do, I am at a crossroads with nobody to bounce my mind off so any advice will be greatly appreciated if anyone has felt similar or got backed etc.

PS.Sorry I know it's a ramble!

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