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sippin_criss: still grinding

Hi guys.

I'm a 36-year-old from Vancouver Island BC. Wife and 2 kids. I'm currently playing 1k on Bodog and am a coach for the Nachos Poker stable that's run by Patrick (freenachos). I'm approved to start taking shots at 2k but unfortunately it is not available in Canada and I haven't looked too deep into my thinly available options for high stakes.

Current results since joining NachosPoker last year:




My story:

I started playing SNG's in 2005 and learned a ton from STTF here on 2p2. I eked out a decent winrate at low stakes for several years and eventually managed to hit SNE on Stars once in 2013. Played a load of spin and gos after they were released but only regularly as high as the $50s on FTP. Spins dried up some and I bounced around different sites playing SNG's.

Got into MTTs a little bit in 2019, had some success and did some occasional traveling around playing live, highlights include a $40k bink in a 1k at The Bike and a shade better than a min cash at a WPT $10k at Hawaiian Gardens that I for some reason decided to try to satellite into. Covid hit shortly after those scores and due to the wild nature of the games I jacked up my ABI in an effort to hit a massive score. Crashed and burned there but don't really regret the decision, although I probably could have approached it better.

Had to pick up the pieces and was stuck and bored to death grinding low stakes in the thick of covid with a miserably low winrate ceiling so I attempted to get into cash. It took me a while to even build a roll to be comfortable grinding 200nl but I was able to start winning there at a decent clip and was feeling good. Even though I was winning at 200 I didn't feel optimistic for my future as my redline was tanking hard and I didn't feel like I'd have any shot of doing well at 500nl and beyond without assistance, so I sought out Patrick after seeing his blog on RIO.

I viewed joining Nachos as a last kick at the can for my time in poker. I live in an expensive part of the world and I have a family to feed. I figured I'd better start taking things seriously and properly establish myself at 500+ or just move on and find an actual career. Luckily, after banging my head against the wall at 200 for what felt like forever I finally broke through to 500 and had immediate success. I'm not sure why but for a long time I've felt proving yourself to be a winner at 500 is like achieving some kind of poker tenure. 50k hands of 500 later I was able to shot 1k and was fortunate enough to stick the landing and do well over a small sample. Knowing what I know now, I never would have figured it out without Patrick's help.

What's next for me:

Going to keep grinding with an eye on 2k games whenever they may become available for me. I want to play as high as I can and win as much as I can. If I don't find anything beyond 1k I'm still pleased to have come this far. I'll get more into my study and process later so this post doesn't take 2 hours to read.

Golf stuff:

Some of you who know me know I have been a rather serious failed low level pro golfer. I've played very little in recent years but my passion is still there and now that I'm playing higher stakes and my kids are older I may have a real shot to at least commit a lot of hours and pursue getting as good as I can at the game. Golf is pretty cool in that the best of the best can crush professionally well into their 50s. Don't think that's necessarily in my future but I would love to at least fulfill my potential one day since it's the thing I feel the most connected to.

Thanks for being here!

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