Some struggles in Poker

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Some struggles in Poker


I have been playing poker on-off for like 8 years. ( 25&50NL) Not "professionally" but more serious than for fun. I would like to share my struggles and see if someone else have the same and how they handle them

  1. Playing and grinding but actually staying at the same BR levels. Grind for 2-3 hours winning 2-3BI then in another session the same day losing 2 on bad beat and a bad play, then win again.. etc etc, day by day. Being like that, after a week or two, I reach a point of disappointment , lack of motivation and there some times stupid ideas come to my mind such us play a little higher for the excitement. I truly wonder in what rate / month or per day winner in poker sees his BR grow.

  2. Having big periods of 2-3 weeks thinking and playing only poker. There are days that I do nothing else but sitting in front of the pc grinding, playing big sessions which of course do not have the results I would like. Becoming a robot. How many hours per day does a winner player puts in poker ?- ( yes i know it depends) -

  3. Find it difficult to sleep on losses. If I am down in one session I wont get up from the tables easily, unless I win some back. And there is when I play the best poker - fully concentrated to avoid any kind of mistake, or my worst if something goes the bad beat way.

Obviously i am not a winning player but I believe the reason is in my mental side and not so at "the table".
I am confused and winning in poker is the one goal I really want to reach.
Sorry for my English and Thank you

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