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Some Thoughts on Poker

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Some Thoughts on Poker

I’m 25 years old. I’m a university drop-out turned poker player. I’m an ex-Poker Detox student. I’m currently floating between 200NL-1kNL online and working on floating higher in the near future. That’s the objective details.

Really, I’m invisible. I’m a disillusioned poker player who is floating apathetically between success and mediocrity. I’m living in the superimposed, murky shadows of my idols, my family, and my own potential. I’m the warning that parents give their children of who not to become. I’m chasing the dragon of always being on the tip of the big breakthrough. That’s the real details.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and speaking about a lot of aspects surrounding poker with my close friends, and as of the last few months I’ve started journaling and writing a lot, something I’ve never really been all too consistent with before in my life, but now I feel I have a motivation to do.

If you want to hear someone at the top level give his dictations on how to "make it" in poker, and put up a pretty facade of certainty on how he talks about the process, I'd suggest closing this thread and checking out the plethora of other threads that fit that description.

This will not be a place for me to log my results, start a bankroll challenge, or discuss technical strategy. I just wanted to create an outlet for my thoughts on the soft skills and mental aspects of the profession of poker and the struggles that unite all players, and on a larger scale, people in all performance industries. When ideas dominate your mind, I’ve recently found that by immortalizing the expression of those ideas in writing releases the need to retain the idea and creates open mental space for more ideas. This is just a place for those thoughts. Most of what I will be writing about will be drawn from personal experience, opinions, conversations with friends, etc. I’m just sharing things that interest me, or are on my mind.

I would advise against taking anything I talk about here as objective fact. I’m just a retard with a bank account.

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