Specializing and/or being well-rounded. Competing goals?

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Specializing and/or being well-rounded. Competing goals?

Hello everyone,,
For my whole poker career, it's been important to me to be well-rounded between different kinds of games (both in the abstract and also to be competitive in mixed game tournaments), but I'm also finding it hard to concentrate on more than one game at any especially productive level of sophistication.
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Even though studying different forms of poker usually does strengthen a more general poker knowledge, there are specific strategic considerations for any given game that are difficult to hold at the front of your mind if you're not constantly practicing and studying that specific game over a sustained period.

So my question is this: how does everyone approach the competing goals of going deep with one kind of poker versus being well-rounded with various forms of poker? Even just considering a finite number of hours in the week, how do folks balance study/practice of one game versus others (assuming you have any interest in playing more than one kind of poker)?

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