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SSNL+ Journal

What's up RIO,

I've tried starting a few of these before, but never really committed. Let's make this my final, successful attempt! I basically want to blog for accountability and bc it seems fun, so we go again!

Cliff Notes
- 22 y/o student from the UK
- Currently playing SSNL on stars with a $1k BR
- Playing poker full-time over summer, and potentially beyond (?)
- AKA trying to get good/go pro

The plan for now is to basically grind poker 6 days per week (Tue-Sun) w one day off (Mon). I'll set/update goals on a weekly basis, and likely do monthly recaps.

15/07/20-19/07/20 Goals
- Play 15 hours of poker. This works out as 3 hours per day for the remainder of the week.
- Study everyday.
- Work on physical + mental health everyday. Physical health = exercise. Mental health = meditation. All the wizards are doing it these days.

Also going to stream sometimes (here) as I feel like it will supplement the blog well, and have enjoyed doing so in the past :)

Oh, and here's a recent graph playing 5-50NL for those interested.

Think that's all for now, let's goo! <3

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