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Started this on 2+2 a week ago: Early new years Res: My grind from 2NL

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Started this on 2+2 a week ago: Early new years Res: My grind from 2NL

I'm a waiter on the Las Vegas Strip + super part time uber driver. So far I'm a profitable MTT player (Small live sample/barely profitable), but I've always had the desire to be a winning cash game player. I've always had a rough time dealing with the swings, however, causing me to tilt.

I started with a $50 roll on ACR, took a few shots at some MTTs, some 10NL, ran bad, and the BR went down to about $28. I ran one 6-table session at 2NL and went on a heater almost doubling my BR in 1k hands. Now that I again have a BR to grind the micros, I'm going to do it right.

Money is not the issue here (Although I'm not swimming in it). My job pays the bills, and throughout the journal, I'll hope to pop some entries into the Daily $125 @ Aria, maybe some Venetian deepstacks, the $25k @ Wynn, WSOP - Circuit, smaller buyins @ LAPC, etc.

My issue is discipline and throughout the progression of the journal my goal is to have developed the mental game of a poker champion.

Attached is my graph - Almost 18k hands in ( A little over 2/3s of these hands done in the past 4 days ). (Is there any formatting to attach pics here?)

Short Term Goals
1) Attain all the rakeback I can get. At the rate I'm going I should be able to get $40 in the next month which alone would bump me to 5NL.
2) 100k hands this next month (Should be easily done at the rate I'm going)
3) Atleast show my name on the leaderboard for The Beast rakeback tournament on ACR

Long Term Goals
1) 200NL in 6 months. Haven't even done the math on this whether its feasible or not. Idc.
2) Better life habits. My kryptonite is alcohol. I never drink during sessions, but my reasoning for using it as a crutch to go to bed needs to go away. My eating habits are good but they weren't last month, and I've started to slowly get back into the gym. I'm not out of shape (5'10, 175), but I'll always remember how much more in shape I was, and knowing that will affect me in some way mentally. Meditation is another thing I need to get involved with
3) Progression in my career. I love the restaurant industry, and there is no better place in this world to combine the passion for this industry and poker than in Las Vegas. I need to seize the moment and put in the time for both.
4) Be able to increase my multitabling abilities. I can do 12 comfortably. I want to double that, but double that slowly.

Start of bankroll - $50
Current BR - $64
@ $80 - 4 BI Shot at 5NL
@ $180 - 4 BI Shot at 10NL
@ 400 - 4 BI Shot at 25NL
@ 700 - 4 BI Shot at 50NL
@ 1900 - 4 BI Shot at 100NL
@ 4000 - 4 BI Shot at 200NL

Idk how the games are at stakes higher than 200NL. Only see a few 2/4 3/6 so that may just be reg infested.

1) If a good reload bonus comes by, AND I have been playing well, I will load on more to take a shot at higher stakes
2) If I run deep in an MTT, some of the profits will go into the roll.

I'll only feed my BR if I'm playing well and the opportunity presents itself.

Should be able to get another 5-10k hands in today and tomorrow.

If anyone has any good insight on beginning meditation practices, that would be awesome.

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