Strike Three

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Strike Three

This is my third attempt at a poker journal here on Run it Once. You can find the old ones here:

I'm going to try to update this blog semi-regularly with my thoughts on poker, poker strategy, and anything else I feel like posting. For right now, I am playing No Limit Hold'em as my primary game. I will play other games when I get the chance though (if you were at Oceans the last two weeks you might have seen me playing the $5/$5 Big O or big bet mix games).

I'm going through Elliot Roe's A-game master class here as well (and would love other mental game suggestions), as I feel some of my biggest leaks by far are mental games leaks. I've always been someone excited about strategy games and puzzles. When I was very young I beat everyone at scrabble and checkers, when I was not quite as young I started solving chess puzzles and Nikoli style puzzles (I highly recommend the website for anyone looking for a challenge) and got pretty good at the latter while fizzling out at the former. Now, I tend to play poker to satisfy both my competitive and puzzle solving itch at the same time.

That's why I play poker. One of my training videos asked -- what is it that you enjoy about the game, what brought you here? Maintaining that is what is going to allow to me to be the best version of me that I can be. And that is, at my core, I am competitive and I am a puzzle solver. Poker is my current outlet.

I don't have any particular goals that I'm going to try to post about in this thread. My goal is simply to improve and become the best player I can be. To accomplish that I tend to study and/or bout against pokersnowie more than I actually play, but I try to get as many hands in as I can for practice.

I will update this post as frequently as I can. I'll try not to let it fall to the wayside like the other two iterations. I'll be posting when I make stupid plays. Instances where I notice detrimental mental programs getting in my way. Things I don't understand about other people's play, and occasionally, things I think I did well that might help illustrate a new concept to the whomever happens to tune in.

Thanks for being here,

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