Struggling with downswing

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Struggling with downswing

Hi there, been on a downswing since October 2017, I've only had 1 winning month in that time even though I am 95% sure I am a winning player (probably around 3bb/100). I am down about 45BI (36 below AIEV) at NL5 over 130,000 hands in this time. I want to put in more volume but I will not allow my results to be skewed by tilt so as soon as I feel tilt occurring I stop playing, however this means that I can't put in the volume to break out of this downswing. I played today for the first time in 2019 and was playing very well, then in the space of 100 hands I lost set over set twice, set vs straight AI on the flop and lost 2 pair vs rivered flush AI on the turn. I got tilted and immediately sat out the next BB but this meant that even though I was playing my A+ game I only put in 800 hands today. I never used to get tilted easily and i've had plenty of breaks but the variance is soul crushing and every time I play a session I have to stop after 1000 hands. My goals for 2018 were to be a winning player at NL50 (was at NL10) and now I am stuck in NL5. My goals for 2019 are to be a winning player at NL25 and play at least 200,000 hands this year. Any tips to handle large swings? Avoid tilt? It's not about losing $5 it's about the time grinding micro stakes that that represents.If I ever move above the AIEV line I might have to pinch myself.

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