My poker journey through the micro stakes

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My poker journey through the micro stakes

Hello and welcome everyone, I'm so glad you are here.

My background
I am a german mathematician, currently in incapacity pension, because I suffer from a severe psychological disorder (DESNOS).
About 3 years ago an online friend of mine introduced me into the world of Poker and I started playing very casually, because I wanted to understand what he was talking about. (Turns out, he was mostly telling bad beat stories ^^). Back then I was your typical aggro-fish/maniac, playing 2NL.
Losing too many BI turned me into your typical weak/tight Nit and while I managed to get my intial losses back it was also way too boring for me to keep doing.
After a rather long break, I got interested in the different O8 games (mostly PLO8 and NLO8) and while still being a Nit, I improved quite a bit and had some nice success playing MTTs and cash. (The 2+2 forums for O8 area great, Amok is basically giving free high quality coaching).
I then busted my 500$ roll (up from 50$ intial investment) in 4 hours of Stud8 headsup against somebody who was probably a regular.

Left with less than 2$ I played desperately some Spin & Gos until I somehow manages to rebuild to 200$ with 2PLO8 and 2PLO cashgames..
Since my pension is so low income, I'm really desperate for additional money. Even though the complexity and math aspect of poker was what originally interested me, I'm now really looking for additional money, too. So these are the two main things that motivate me to take my poker game more seriously.

i made a schedule, planned for breaks, got the essential suscription, reloaded on "PLO from scratch" and put in some volume (120k hands) of PLO. The first 100k hands everything was great and I went shottaking at 5PLOz with 250$, ran it up to 400$, then started losing and losing. Dropped down again and even lost there. Only after taking 2 days off and playing NLHE was I able to have a winning session again. It completly destroyed any confidence I had in my game (I think the red line demonstrates this quite nicely).

I mean, sure, poker is a hard game, but certainly it can't be THAT hard to beat 1c/2c games? It feels like I'm only able to beat the really superspewy 90%VPIP funplayers and lose against everyone else, even though for the longest time, I was actually up money against almost all of the 5PLOz regulars. All the whining doesn't help anyone though, so I want to give it another shot. I play on stars, this has to do with other sites either not supporting players from germany or not supporting my possible ways of deposition. I also do have a little bit on partypoker, but hated how there are so few players.
It's not a smart decision to play zoom, as I can evidence

gametype | hands | result | equity adjusted result | bb/100 | adjusted bb/100 | rake

- play at least 3 hours of PLO or NL-HE every day
- study at least 3 hours everday. The focus is on a) expanding fundamentals, b) improving known leaks and c) mental game issues
- try to get as far as possible with a 100+10 BI Bankroll management system.

Not all about my losing streak is bad though. If anything it really showed me, what my C-game is like, so I can now make a list of...

known issues
- Too much bluffing, especially multiway and especially without thinking what hands I want to get folds from
- Too many multistreet bluffs against station type players
- Spite calling and revenge tilt, very often triggered, when players 3bet me way too light and I don't get a hand to fight back with.
- Fancy play syndrome. This happens a lot, when I deem a hand sooooo goood for doing x, ignoring everything else.
- Ignoring preflop actions and calling too many 3bets. Not giving Villains enough credit for actually having a good hand from time to time
- calling raises and especially check/raises too much. Sometimes even thinking "that's most likely a set, I have x outs, if the turn is y, I'll do z" and then simply ignoring my own (good) thoughts and mindlessly paying off (WTF?) - Yupp, he had exactly the hand, I thought he had. My read was correct and I only had to pay 80BB to verify it!
- Fighting too much for pots. Especially in Blind on Blind battles. I don't care what you have, I'm in position, this is my blind and I will do whatever move necessary to win this pot... yeah...
- not widening my ranges enough, when I'm in position on funplayers.
- increasing amount of tables and clicking stuff on autopilot, when chasing losses.

Alright, this got rather long. I hope to update it daily and I hope you can enjoy and help me on my pokerjourney. I'm very often very lonely and really would like to be part of something.

Caterina "Prinha" Schneider

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