Taking new leap from new year

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Taking new leap from new year

Hi guys,
My name is Mukesh , 41, I am from India and playing NL 6 max cash games since last 3 yrs as part timer, Now decided to take new leap to play full time and go pro from new year.
Poker is very unorthodox profession in India, but I am going for it. I’ve lot of ups and downs in my life with few business fails, bad debts, etc. Fortunately I got strong family support during those days.

I am writing this journal to more discipline, responsible, Accountable and keep motivated myself to go ahead. I applied to BrPc staking but didn’t got throu.

Now I have been backed by one of the High Stakes Pro from India. I am currently play 100NL Indian Currency. I’ve also completed the course repeatedly :) A-game Masterclass By Elliot Roe to keep my improving my mental health.

My major strength: Discipline, Work Ethics.
My major weakness: Slow learner, Passive learning and not implementing in new strategy or theory in my game rapidly. (I have to work hard daily to get rid of this weakness)
Here are Results from last yes of 100NL

!Last year graph of 100NL][1]

Vision: To be best version of myself in every aspect of life.

Goals for 2021 :

  1. Play 800K hands
  2. Play 100-150 major tournaments
  3. To crush NL200+ at 5bb/100
  4. Clear the debts and start saving as much as I can.
  5. Balance work and family time.
  6. Start exercising at least 3 days in week
  7. Start daily Mediation.
  8. Enjoy the process.
  9. Study 6 day a week

I will update this journal once in week with HH, what I studied during that period, and update results. Wish me luck.

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