Teunuss SNE pursuit 2015 + 2016 update(s)

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Teunuss SNE pursuit 2015 + 2016 update(s)

Hi guys,

Since I am about 2 months behind on pace for SNE I thought it would be a nice time to start a blog.
So wall of text incoming:
For the rest of the year I have to grind for about 5 hours a day (6 days a week) to be done by christmass, while doing a study on the side (marketing at university of apllied sciences level, where I am somewhere in between year 2 and 3)
I started grinding a lot again after my Barcelona trip, so from september first.
I pretty much lacked volume throughout the entire year, not sure what the reason is, it might have something to do with me reinventing the night life ^^.
Throughout the year I've had a constant struggle between playing a lot of tables + going for SNE or decreasing the amount of table and focus 100% on playing good poker and winning with a nice winrate prerakeback.
Now that I was at 470.000 vpp at the beginning of this month I thought it would be a complete waste to not make elite and end up at 700-800k vpp. So my decision is final: I am going for SNE and I am 100% sure that I'll make it.
It means I have to get 5354 vpp each day for 6 days a week. (around 5 hours a day playing 4x 500zoom and 4-8 regular tables on the side).

My results this year have been quite poor, which mainly has to do with the problems I described above.
I am a very realistic person, and not delusional, and I defenitely know when I am a winner in the games or not, and if I can beat it over a decent clip or not.
Focussing on volume or developing your game and focussing more on increasing winrate is something every single pokerplayer struggles with at some point in his carreer. I am still unsure what the best approach is in my case: I see a ton of guys who play almost every day and have beautiful (most of them bumhunters I guess) graphs up to 100k, but they probably have a max of 15-20k in rakeback. And then you have guys like my who win marginally prerakeback (this year at least) but become elite by masstabling. In the end the $$ and or skilllevel might not differ too much but the approach is totally different.
I did notice quite a big difference between the sessions where I focussed on less tables (when making a vid for instance) and playing a 'regular' session, but as for now I made my decision and will focus on making elite.

So back to my results so far this year.
My zoom500 looks breakeven, which is probably close to my true winrate there anyway when I am playing several regular tables on the side as well. My adjustments when playing many tables on the side are quite bad, zoom just plays a lot different from regular tables as there are many tight regulars, so I am very likely to overdefend a ton in every single situation you can think off.
My 600nl results look quite bad, but are 95% from jan-march and my overall results there have been really good so I am not too worried there.
I am happy with my 1knl results as I feel like I am performing well in most lineups 3/4 handed, of course there will be some exception when the top 3-5 guys are starting tables.
I also recently started playing some 2knl (which is purely bumhunting/scripting), I absolutely f*ing hate seatingscripts, and I would love to see them get banned, but it seems silly to let my principles hurt my ev, and so far it started out well over there.

So the plan for me is to play 5 hours a day of 4x 500zoom + starting tables @1k (max of 5) and trying to get some seats of 2knl in there as well.
I am accepting the fact that I am probably breakeven @500zoom and the swings will probably be huge over there.
I am still convinced that if I play 100% focussed I should get positive results at zoom as well, but with the volume I will HAVE to play I will just have to accept that I will also play some sessions where I defintely will not bring my A-game.

So right now I am at 512k vpp and at 42k vpp for the month, so I am happy with the way it started out.

I will try and bring a short summary of my day every day, express my feelings about my play and add some random/funny/strategic/owning hand histories.

I will start with the month so far:
It has been really swingy, with a couple of really bad and really good days.
I've had one day (4th september) where I was really tilted (4th september) and I was because I played like SHIT and I knew I was playing like shit. It's pretty much the only way I get tilted, like I said before, I am a rational person so when I am in a downswing but I am still playing solid and mainly losing because of stuff I can't do anything about, it won't affect me at all.
But that day I am unsure what was going on, I was clicking river calls as if someone paid me 10k per bad river call, I was just frustrated and calling down way too light in a ton of spots.

The perfect example of that day:

Poker Stars $5/$10 No Limit Hold'em - 3 players

DeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History Converter

SB: $1056.58

Hero (BB): $1386.67

BTN: $1219.38

Pre Flop: ($15.00) Hero is BB with Q A

BTN raises to $24, 1 fold, Hero raises to $85, BTN raises to $200, Hero calls $115

Flop: ($405.00) 8 8 4 (2 players)

Hero checks, BTN bets $133.23, Hero calls $133.23

Turn: ($671.46) 2 (2 players)

Hero checks, BTN bets $221.16, Hero calls $221.16

River: ($1113.78) T (2 players)

Hero checks, BTN bets $664.99 all in, Hero calls $664.99

Final Pot: $2443.76

Hero mucks Q A

BTN shows K K (two pair, Kings and Eights)

BTN wins $2442.51

(Rake: $1.25)

I mean it's probably not the worst thing you've ever seen but it's at least: quite to really bad.

Back to the positive stuff, today was a good day :), ended +12k, which makes me +10k for the month.
A lot of action and some good sunrunning by me. I defenitely played well too, but that's always easy to say when you are running as hot as I did today. I even ended up having a 850bb stack at a regular non ante table, which is the largest I have ever had or seen so that says something I guess :D

Others noticed too:

Go0se.core!: solid stack:D:D
teunuss: yah dont beleive iv seen a bigger one on a regular table:D
teunuss: twss by the way:D

Some hands:

The biggest of the day:
His river bet/c seems optimistic to me, but lets say he is not herofolding too often against me lately, and it worked out well for him :D

DeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History Converter

BB: $1685.81

UTG: $1426.04

CO: $1149.89

Hero (BTN): $5347.92

SB: $910.00

Pre Flop: ($15.00) Hero is BTN with 8 5

2 folds, Hero raises to $23, 1 fold, BB raises to $114.80, Hero calls $91.80

Flop: ($234.60) 2 7 A (2 players)

BB bets $92.64, Hero calls $92.64

Turn: ($419.88) 6 (2 players)

BB bets $166.75, Hero calls $166.75

River: ($753.38) 6 (2 players)

BB bets $300.15, Hero raises to $4973.73 all in, BB calls $1011.47 all in

Final Pot: $3376.62

BB mucks Q A

Hero shows 8 5 (a flush, Ace high)

Hero wins $3373.62

(Rake: $3.00)

And a nice brag to end with:
[x]blocker effects and running well I guess

DeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History Converter

BB: $1042.51

UTG: $2674.23

CO: $1416.70

Hero (BTN): $1000.00

SB: $1015.25

Pre Flop: ($15.00) Hero is BTN with Q K

2 folds, Hero raises to $23, 1 fold, BB raises to $96, Hero calls $73

Flop: ($197.00) 7 7 5 (2 players)

BB checks, Hero checks

Turn: ($197.00) A (2 players)

BB bets $104.76, Hero calls $104.76

River: ($406.52) 4 (2 players)

BB bets $272.28, Hero calls $272.28

Final Pot: $951.08

BB shows T J (a pair of Sevens)

Hero shows Q K (a pair of Sevens - Ace+King kicker)

Hero wins $948.08

(Rake: $3.00)

If you guys have any suggestions to make this thread more fun/better to read/follow, please let me know.

I am probably not going to post too many results/graphs for reasons everyone can think off themselves :)


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