The bankroll takes care of itself

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The bankroll takes care of itself

The title is from the book that I did not read, however, I recently read Atomic Habits (one of the best "Personal Development" books I've ever read), and it was mentioned here.

The idea is that it's not the goals that differentiate us, many players share the goal to win more money, yet not of them do, what matters are the system in place, we don't raise to the level of our goals, but fall to the level of our systems. I want to use this journal to develop new systems, and also have some reference material in case I want to apply to CFP programs one day.

I started playing poker in 2008, thought it was a blessing until I thought it was the worst thing that has ever happened to me and that dying would at least cure my unhappiness and money issues. I played this game for a living, playing mostly NL100/200, but I busted my roll in 2016, had a few years break, and it took me until now to have a high paying job (I only have a high school degree, and I mean a high paying job relative to people I know and the country I live in), so now I don't really care what happens with poker because my financial issues are covered with my job, but I still want to play and get better.

I did not play for 5 months, so surely my biggest leak right now is exactly that. I will build new habits and use this journal to track this. I play NL10 Zoom on PS at the moment, here are my results since summer 2019. I also played on some other site or simply did not play for a while.
I lost almost 1600$ without SD on this sample:

The trend is clear, the higher I play, the worst the winrate :)

Here what's I will do until the end of November:

  • Play 100 hands every day that I wake up and sleep at my place
  • Read at least 1 page of Modern Poker Theory

I have a question: is there any sane way to upload images on this forum?

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