The feeling when you evole

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The feeling when you evole

I used to be a recreational player, the kind that just looked at his own cards and played a tight weak game. But I felt that I wanted to really learn to play poker and give it a serious chance - I mean; others can obviously learn the game and play it well. Why not me.

So, I joined ROI a week ago, about the same time when I started watching instruction-videos/streams of players talking/sharing their process while playing. Now I really feel like I have taken a step forward.

I just feel a such a happy sensation when I see that I have learnt new things and can apply them (still on a very basic, simple level) in the game. I have started to place villains on ranges and play accordingly. I was so happy the first time I was able to place a villain on a range and push him out of the pot representing cards that came on the turn.
The feeling when i can play back and reraise ppl who try to steal the blinds. I feel much more confident (not overconfident) and I really try to work on the skills all the time and not fall back in a laidback recreational play. Pokertracker ofc helps!

I have never reraised anything (besides AA) and thought the whole "trying-to-guess-cards-of-ppl" was magic I never could do.

I feel quit happy to have taken the first simple but important steps towards being a better player - all thanks to ROI and others outside willing to share their knowledge. Thank you :)

Happy to read others enjoyment of their progress below!

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