There's bad luck... .Then there's THIS...

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There's bad luck... .Then there's THIS...

I've recorded every beat I've taken during my last 8 Cash games. I'm down $11,000 Over the past month. When does it stop... My hands below - I'm on the left with a short snippet of how it got all in. these are just some of the worst of them. I've saved the rest for my memories and didn't want to bore you with punishment.

#1 AsKc VS _ - Hero Straddles $6. Villain limps UTG, MP Limps, HJ Limps, CO Limps. I raise to $36IP on the Button. Villain Calls UTG, all others fold. Flop is Ac8c3d. Villain Checks. I C-bet 50%- ish - $40. Villain calls. Turn is 7s. Villain Jams All in for remaining 195$. Slightly over pot size bet. With this opponents range- I called. River 6d. Opponent rolls over 9c10c.

#2 As4s VS _ - Villain raises to $21 IP on the button. I call, MP Calls, HJ Calls. Flop is KsQs2h, Checks to the villain - bets $35, I call. MP Calls. Turn 6s. I check, MP Checks Villain bets $160 on the turn. with this sizing I figure he's not going anywhere. I jam $520 effective. MP Folds. Villain Calls. River 2d. Opponent rolls over QQ

#3 AhAs VS _ - Villain straddles $6 UTG. 5 Limpers, I raise to 36$. MP Folds, HJ Calls, Button calls, Blinds fold- Flop is Jh2s5c. Hero Checks, HJ Checks, Button bets $65. I check raise all in for $300 (opponent is a known callng station). HJ Folds. Button snap calls. Turn 7d River 8d. Opponent rolls over Js8h

#4 KsKd Vs _ - Villain opens $35 UTG (live $10 straddle on the button), Button calls, I 3-bet to $165 on the BB, Villain 4-bets to $500, Button folds, I announce all-in for $1250 after some time. villain calls- Flop is Ac3c8c- Turn Ks - River Jc. Opponent shows 10c10s for rivered 4 card flush....

#5KdQd Vs __ - Hero Opens $21 in the HJ, Villain re-raises to $65 on the button, Folds to hero- we call. Flop is KsQh2c. Hero checks, Villain Bets $75, Hero Check raises all in to 320$. Villain calls. Turn Jc. River 3c. Opponent shows JJ. ¯_( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)_/¯

#6 AK vs __ - UTG opens for $20, MP Calls, HJ Calls, Hero re-raises to $110. Button (same opponent from previous hand) Jams 275$ eff.. Folds to hero- we call. Flop is K66, Turn x(don't remember) River X (don't remember). "Bonus Hand Table 1". Opponent rolls over 66. again.... ¯_( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)_/¯

#7AsJs Vs_ - Hero opens to $26 (Straddle $6 on the button) - MP Calls, HJ calls, BB calls. Flop is Jh3s5d, BB bets $15. Hero Raises to $80, HJ Calls, BB Calls. Turn Jc, BB Checks. Hero Checks, HJ Bets $135. BB Folds. Hero Jams $350 Effective- HJ Calls. River 10h. villain rolls over Jd10d. Rivered boat..

#8 KK vs __ - ($10 straddle on the button) - 4 Limpers to me- I raise the BB to 65$. folds to Button straddle - 3 bets to $195, Hero 4 Bets $800 all in effective. Villain pulls out a coin and decides a coinflip is the best option to decide on calling- "heads I call" - it's heads, villain calls. Flop 10h6h9s Turn As, River 3h, Villain rolls over Ah9h.

These are some of the worst beats I've taken in a long time- consecutively too- every session there's just some way I get it in with the favored hand- knowing my opponents ranges and making the correct decision- but the turn or River simply get there.

Someone tell me when the bleeding stops.....

¯_( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)_/¯

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