thoughs about my future in that game, looking for advices, full time grind?

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thoughs about my future in that game, looking for advices, full time grind?

Hey guys, i'm in a pretty tough spot and i need some piece of advice.

I have to tell you my "story", will be easier for you guys to evaluate all this.
I'm a former someking of gamer pro, was a top counter strike player, and geeked so much MMOs, DotA and stuff.
I quitted games for poker 1 year ago, (before i was just playing one time a month with friends for 5€, smoking pot and drinking, did not know what was a 3bet)
so i started, taking the game as any other game, removing the idea of money, and thinking about "levels"
limits were my levels i had to beat to get to the other one.
Started SNGs won some bucks (150$ or smtgh) on stars.fr
Went to NLSH, going from 2NL to 25NL in 3month (20 BI management), rolled up 1K
cashed out some, made a cool party with friends like "yeah i'm a shark girls see"

NLSH went boring for me, i loss motivation to grind 6-8 tables and make thousands of hands and beeing BE due to short badruns, and little spews.
Started MTTs seriously in october , won one or two 5€ to roll me up, then at the end of november, powered up my roll to 2K€, with some good final tables.

Then i had some health problem (december), staying at home and couldnt work or even move out.
for informations i'm project manager in communication, especially for politics.
so i decided to work my game even harder than before and trying to get the approach of a full time grinder
compared my situation with goku's time room where he trained with gohan to beat cell ahaha

anyway here i am now :

registered runitonce after my 5.5K € won in february
my skill doubled up since that, btw thanks MTT coaches focus, on paul, espen, grayson, nick.

here is my problem now :

i have to get back to work in 3 weeks, despressing me...
roommate leaving paris, have to find another one (flat costs 1400€/month)
and my bestfriend who lives in slovakia (financial director there) says to me :
hey got a new big flat, i got ps.com, come live here, grind, get pro.
seeing how i improve every month, and how hard i work that game, why not?
i'm still young 24yo..

here we are!
i know the golden age of poker is over, but seeing all of this, i need your advices, i really dont know what to do...

thanks for reading all that boring stuff...

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