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Transitioning from FLHE to NLHE

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Transitioning from FLHE to NLHE

HI Everybody,

I want to add another journal into this section.

I started Poker in late 2009 as NLHE shortstacker and switched to Fixed Limit in 2010 I guess and played up to Midstakes till 2015. Since the traffic collapsed I played only a few thousand hands in 2015. However In early 2016 I decided to give NL a shot.
RIght now I play 4 tables of NL25 Zoom to get a few hands in to see where my Leaks are.

After the first 25k hands I realised a few recourring mistakes/struggles:

1.) Ranges
I still struggle with the Range differences which I am used from FLHE. Therefore I valuebet way too thin and am surprised how VIllain can hold a hand which is that strong…

In general in FLHE it’s a bad play to coldcall a bet (except in the blinds) therefore especially coldcalling in the CO and BU are problem spots for me.

I have problems to get the right betsize and also how to proceed when I want to get more Value with a hand than Villain bets (Especially vs small bets from VIllains)

In FLHE I was also more SD-bound than average and therefore it's hard for me to fold TP, therefore I think I call down too lightly ecpecially vs big bets.

I just want to use this blog as a way to keep me accountable. Therefore I want to update this blog at least once every week and at best more often :)

My Goal is to get to NL100 by the end of this Year and maybe even try to get to a live Casino and see how the Players are live...

My Stats so far:

VPIP/PFR/3bet/4bet/5bet WTS/WSD
28,6/22,3/10,1/2,2/1,75 30,4/50,0

OR Stats


My Cbets Stats are 60/27/55 But I don’t know why I have a value of 27 on the Turn. I have to investigate that since this is far to low.

Based on these results I should twek my MP3 Range and work more on my BB play since I'm only a little better than folding the bb...

I'd be happy for every hint and comment. Maybe there is someone who has done the transition from FLHE to NLHE aswell and has some hints :)
Thanks and Good Luck at the tables!

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