Video Thread Posting Guidelines

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Video Thread Posting Guidelines


As Run It Once has continued to grow our video threads have become more highly trafficked and responded to.  In an effort to keep the discussion as high quality as possible, we felt it was important to create some guidelines for interacting with our Pros, and each other.

Take Pride in Preparing Your Questions

Our Pros put forth a great deal of thought and effort in answering your questions, so please provide the same courtesy to them.  Your question is far more likely to get answered this way, and the resultant discussion will be richer when it is starting from a solid foundation.

Don't Duplicate Other Users' Questions

Pretty self explanatory.  Also, if you have a question that relates to a hand/situation that has already been asked about, include your comment in that subthread by clicking the reply button next to the original question.

Talk Amongst Yourselves

Video thread discussions are at their best when you are all discussing things together, with the Pro as an integral member of the conversation.  Things are much less rich when the conversation is linear and occurring only between one member and the Pro.  So feel free to answer each others questions and have the Pro moderate your discussion.

Be Nice :)

The vast majority of questions posed by our members are done so in a polite manner.  However, there are instances where the member takes an aggressive stance in their question, or just leaves an aggressive comment in disagreement with no question at all.  This is of no benefit to anyone, other than perhaps a sense of self-satisfaction for the commenter.  It doesn't lead to quality discussion, and often causes the question or comment to go unaddressed entirely.  We are here to create the best learning environment possible, so keep that goal in mind and ask yourself what you hope to accomplish with your posts.

That's about it.  You guys have built an amazing community.  Here's to continuing to keep Run It Once the best place to perfect your game.


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