What is your usual decision making process

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What is your usual decision making process

Hello people of the sun, I posted this already in the low stakes NLHE section but I figured it might fit better over here.

I was wondering what is your decision making process when you play a hand?
Do you think you follow everytime the same process ?

If so, what does it look like? If not, what are you considering/ when and why do you deviate from your baseline process?

I wrote down my process which I usually follow if I am focused and not on monkey mind mode.
In this example it is a single Raised Pot and I have the initiative. I took it as an example because this situation prolly occurs most often.

What is Villains VPIP/PFR/3B + Stereo Type ( I usually have figured out that preflop hence I adjust in my opening Ranges)
What is his Range to get to the Flop with
What is the Board Texture: Dry, Wet, Super Wet >> Do I want to have a checking Range/Polarised Range or do I cbet my whole Range out of simplicity. + Do I really want to bet 100% or just 80, 90% and jsut give up hands that have no real chance of improving by the River.
Who has the Range advantage
What are Villains Postflop Flop + Turn Stats (FTCB, raise CB, AF, WTSD, WWSF,)
Which/ are there many Turncards I can barrel that improve my hand (BDFD, BDSD, 2 Overcards/ Potential scare cards for Villain)
Considering especially Postflop stats, do I want to take the pot down now or is a delayed cb more profitable/ makes more sense
Step 4: I am not always sure + I am def. not super confident who has range advantage but I guess thinking about it is better then ignoring it. I am working on that weakness of mine but if you can give me some tips and or study tips in order to improve then I would be very happy.

Step 6. I think it is also better to think about my whole Range and which Turncards + how many Turn cards improve my Range but I am also not confident in this area and on lower limits I don´t think many people think about "Oh, should I call/defend on this Flop because so and so many Turncards would improve my Range". I mean that my Villains probaply not really consider this fact.

How can I improve in this area? My guess would be to check out PIO "Runouts aggregated frequency analsis" on different boards. Any suggestions from your side are very much appreciated.
Why do I post this?
- I would really appreciate your guyses feedback on my process. Do I have some blind spots, and how can I improve in those areas?
Am I too rigid in my decision process and what changes should I make?

Good Luck grinding everyone and thank you for your attention :)

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