Which poker book to read next

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Which poker book to read next

Looking for some recommendations on what to read next!

Wrapping up on...
The Grinder's Manual - It's been great and I expect to keep coming back to it for reviews. I've read somewhere that people thought it might be out of date but I still found it very useful. Supplementing the book with some of Carroter's videos in the essential plan has been great (introducing mixed 3bet range to go with the 3betting chapter, etc).

Mental Game of Poker - I didn't get as much out of this book as other people seem to have but I think I have a decent grasp on tilts from prior experiences in life. I do want to implement some of his advice to write things down though. I know that when forced to put things down on paper or in words, emotions do sort itself out.

Looking for...
Some things I'm interested in potentially
- More material on NLHE cash games to help improve at microstakes
- Introduction to MTT or SnGs for a cash-game focused player
- Introduction to GTO (I'm not really quite ready to drop money on solvers without fully understanding their benefits)

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