why can I drive perfectly in rage but not play

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why can I drive perfectly in rage but not play

I have heard when one gets angry they are literally blood flow or brain is literally not able to access the areas of cognition for playing poker.
I f I get in a blinding rage driving, nothing changes. I don't speed I don't anything, drive perfect, maybe screaming legit upset but drive perfect.
I have been listening to things about conscious and unconscious competence. I believe driving is just regulated to the unconscious .
I wonder how I could do that in poker. Maybe by just speed decisions? I am known as a "deep thinking" poker player. I don't tank every hand and then fold, its a legit tank and then raise fold or call.
Maybe I should ....how can I get the parts of the brain that regulate driving in any condition to , how can I play poker and not even remember the session. Like oh I got home but don't even remember the drive(but drove fine)
I remember hands I played 10 years ago, everything the ones I won and lost small pots big pots, I have a pretty good memory.
The best person I know at poker doesn't remember his hands, mostly except big pots or strange hands he can play 36 hours straight regularly.
I am on a 5 hour session.
How can I regulate even just my B game to the unconscious.
and now the stupid part: has anyone tried putting a patch on one of their eyes while playing 1000 hands and then the other ? just curious
Also curious about mirror neurons and live poker but this is getting to long.

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