Why I am not renewing my Essential membership.

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Why I am not renewing my Essential membership.


I just wanted to give feedback to whoever it may concern on why I won't be renewing my Essential membership.

1 - Cash Games videos

I wanna see more cash games. More micro/low stakes videos. This is why I am here in the first place. I wanna see people play 1-4 tables of CASH GAMES. I wanna hear the coach talk about why they bet, raise, fold, or whatever. This is why i also watch RunItUp from Jason Sommerville. Because he talks about why he does the things he does.

I feel like I come back everyday, looking at today's videos, and all I get to see is Game theory and MTT. I like them too, but I'm here for cash games.

2- Coaches

I know being entertaining is really hard when you talk about Poker. But some coaches here are just really hard to listen too. Especially when English is not their first language and when they are not really entertaining to listen too. I also know that entertainment is not something I should look for in a Poker video. But I think there is a good mix to do between talking about theory and being entertaining.

3- High Stakes videos

I know i'm just a peasant that does not give much money to the site. I get it, I only gave 10$ to the site. But please give us essentials members at least one high stakes videos cash videos every 3-4 months or something. Just something that we can watch and be motivated to continue going through each stakes. I wanna see Galfond, or Ben, or Urindanger play a super high stakes video. That will motivate me to pursue poker even more and come back to that site more often. At least make the video available just for a day or two.

Optional stuff :

On some certain poker website that contains the name IVEY in it, they posts a funny/entertaining video about some big names in poker doing activities outside of poker. And I think this could be a nice addition to the site. I wouldn't mind seeing  a little 3 minutes video of Galfond and Ben playing golf or something. I know it sounds dumb, but it will attract people on the site.

Thank you !

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