Winning player with poor bankroll management

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Winning player with poor bankroll management

Hi guys.

I've been a decently winning poker player for a while now, but I'm finally admitting that I have had very poor bankroll management as of late. If I were to be conservative with my BRM, I should probably only be playing 2/4 at the highest. I generally stick to these limits, but every so often I'll see 10/20 and 25/50 games running that I think are profitable, and always end up sitting down with a good chunk of my bankroll. I know I shouldn't be playing in these games even if I do have an edge, but for whatever reason I can't help myself. Obviously I'm writing this as I just lost a buyin at those stakes and it hurts. I now have thoughts of how many weeks it'll take for me to grind it back, how my monthly results are wiped out in one session, if I should move up to "win it back", and other destructive thoughts.

The other problem I've identified with playing and losing at higher stakes is that I lose a lot of motivation to keep grinding after. I often take breaks following big losing sessions, sometimes not playing for days or weeks at a time. Obviously this isn't ideal either.

So I guess I'm posting this to see if anyone else has dealt with this issue before. I know ultimately it's up to me to set an absolute restriction on playing high stakes games, but if anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated. Thanks

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