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Hi there,

I find myself in a very special situation. I am a daddy since the 26th of April and since then I am on paternal leave until the end of march of next year. I am 39, have a regular job and currently no plans on becoming a pro. Besides Poker, I am into ornithology and fitness :)

So, what are my goals for the near future/this journal:
- Play only when the little one is with my wife and I had no beer. I like wheatbeer, but keep it to a maximum of 4 bottles per week (2 days). So the aim is to play 5x per week undistracted after dinner.
- follow a solid brm plan.
- I meditate daily around 20 minutes after walking the dog in the morning.
- The gym is reopening on tuesday and I go 3x per week plus 3x cardio, either crosstrainer or swimming. One day is off. After the gym break I will restart with a standard beginner machine program. The gym is quite small and I have some lower back issues, so deadlifting is not a good option for me.

Besides that I have to take care of the little one and oh boy that takes up a lot of time! I had so much spare time before, but for now those days are over ^^ I also miss my sleep :) Life is great, but also very different.

Tomorrow I will start the "grind" on PP. Bankroll starts around 500€.
Next week will be a short one with regards to poker, as we visit family from wednesday onwards. So, I will play some on monday and tuesday.
I want to give an update on at least a weekly basis.

Have a good one and good luck at the tables.

Cheers, Aquila

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