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Yes run bad, yes below ev, yes whining, but there is more to it I would like some advice!

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Yes run bad, yes below ev, yes whining, but there is more to it I would like some advice!

Ok so that is this month, I know poor me boohooo im such a victim right blabla.

Ok so this is overall.

Long story short:

I had to go professional poker due to personal circumstances, normal job wouldn't make as much as poker but my bankroll wasn't sufficient to go pro really, so that basically led to a lot of stress and trying to move up too fast.

Everything went well started at NL50 zoom, moved up to 100 zoom, then took some shots at 200 zoom which failed. I was in a rush to get to 200 zoom because that was the level where I could if crushing it make a living, and make enough to do some business projects on the side. 

Obviously that didn't go well, that pressure made me a good winner that's the good side, but the pressure made me make mistakes, which included autopiloting too much because I assumed I could just grind out winnings without thinking. Then some hits at 200NL took a toll on me and made me tilt quite bad, that is the big drop at the beginning of the month in the bb graph.

After that I thought I understand why I rushed things sure, but it isn't the way to go, I am going to play 50NL mostly and whatever happens happens. 

Around the same time of the hit a lot of personal extra bills came in so I had basically no choice but to cash out a significant chunk of my bankroll, so instead of playing 50NL super comfortable with a healthy roll and less prone to heavy tilt because of money matters, I now had to continue with a ok-ish roll to play a stake I easily beat I think (7,20 bb/100 over last 120k hands 8.75 ev bb/100).

Ok no huge problems so far, but then my PC is starting to slow down significantly (almost constant 95% CPU usage and things blurr and freeze and shit), after a recent format and new HDD, so formatting likely won't help much. I feel like it is going to die soon, no pc is no income is problems, but my roll isn't big enough to purchase a new pc. 

No huge problems yet as it is still working as I am writing this, then that month happened. Running very very bad, the graph doesn't include all the times I have run into the top's of people's ranges, I know whine whine blabla. I am actually proud to still be a 0,57 bb/100 winner this month with all the tilt and the running into top's of people's ranges, very proud to say the least I feel really good about it. But it couldn't come at a worse fucking time!!!

One solution is I have 8.4k vpp's left for supernova, and then will also have enough points for the 1.6k cash reward and have 200 extra from bonus money. If I make that I can take care of this month bills and upgrade my PC, the problem is even with 8 tabling 6max/FR zoom at 50NL with a 35 buyin roll and my wrist problems and time constraints that is going to be super duper hard.

Ok so what should I really be doing, should I explore staking options? Anyone out there who thinks I should get a real job and come back to poker when I have say a 100 buyin roll so there is no bill stress involved? What kind of % do staking people request?

(btw this all isn't any life threatening situation I always have family and all that to turn to in the end, but that is like a super duper duper last resort to me as many would probably understand).

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