Zenekas journal.

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Zenekas journal.

Iam a 31y/o male from Sweden. I have played poker professional for a bunch of years until 2015-16 when my life crashed hard. I had not been taking care of the money I previously earned and had to take a job to sustain myself and my kids. Job turns out to be soulcrushing and I got out of it this spring. Since then I have studied and worked part time at a way better job but from now on I am going to give poker a real chance again.

Set up:
- I will (hopefully) be working something like 5*24 hour shifts per month wich will cover all my expences in day to day life so I do not have to worry about withdrawing to pay the rent or food etc.
- I have some (smallish) debt that need to be payed of rather sooner than later (accuired when shit hit the fan in 2016.)
- I will start out playing nl10 with 500e and follow at least 50bi rule for moving up.
- I am going to get myself a coach.

When I played poker before I had no real monetary goal, I just wanted to get filthy rich and never worry about money. This did not work out well since I blew everything on travels and lazy stuff like eating out and partying to much. This time around I have a plan:
- Put 20% of monthly winnings to paying of debt, the rest builds the roll until I am playing the limits I want to play.)
- When debtfree, make all pokerwinnings (that is not needed to build BR) go into investing in indexfunds with the plan to create passive income in the future. (More specifics on this later).

Also, this journal is going to be about how I am trying to minimize expenses, build muscle, meditate and a bunch of other stuff hopefully.

/ Z

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