Zero to One

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Zero to One

This is going to be a reflection of my journey in microstakes. I started in 5NL in Jan 2020, where I decided to play some poker for fun where it gradually became more of an obsession. Fast forward a year plus later, my bankroll grew exponentially after I spent more time studying more diligently. You can actually see where the inflection points was in my graph since I moved up to 10NL and my winrate shot up.

However, in the past 20k hands, I saw a sharp downswing from Fast games where I was running into nuts, bad beats and of course, spewing on a tilt. This forced me to learn how to play well while losing and boy, did I have a lot to learn. At the end of the month, somehow I managed to recover to break even and it felt like the greatest achievement, but the major problem was still unresolved. As poker players, we should be do our best to detached ourselves from outcomes, since decisions does not directly impact outcome in the short run, being disappointed/happy when you run good or bad isn't ideal. Plus the stress of losing or winning isn't exactly healthy either.

Strangely as well, as I went through a month of downswing, it felt shitty but at the same time I felt like I was learning how to navigate through tough times. At the end, I felt thankful that I went through this; it felt like it made me a better, more rounded player. Plus learning how to handle downswing at 10NL is better than learning it at 100NL.

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