BET SIZING (episode 12)

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BET SIZING (episode 12)

I didn't quite understand one thing in this video, so if you could please help me explain.
In the second example of the video he mentioned that we wanna bet 40-60%size medium strength hands for protection and at the same time still be betting big size with more polar range. Basically we would have 2 betting sizes, each for a different part of our betting range. Did I get that right?
Does this also apply for the flop c-betting strategy then? As I remember when we would bet polar, our medium strength hands would be simply check and not a smaller bet(for protection). So we would always have just one betting size (big or small, depending on the board) and the rest would be check.
So now I wonder if we should just always have 1 betting range like we learned with c-betting? should we have 2 betting ranges like it was shown in bet sizing video? or is it situation depending?
If someone could clarify this for me I would be very happy:)
thank you.

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