Creating 3-Bet Defense Ranges

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Creating 3-Bet Defense Ranges

Hi there,

I'm currently working on my preflop ranges and as we know for a default it's good to defend 50% of the opening raise range vs a 3-Bet. So what I did is to try to achieve around 50% of combos from the initial ranges proposed in the series. So this is not rocket science and I tried to fold hands like dominated offsuit cards, suited gappers and weaker suited connectors plus bottom pocket pairs leaving only strongest suited hands and broadways + value and bluff 4-bet range.

The more complicated thing for me which I want to ask here about is how to know which hands is gonna be good enough to value 4-bet, Should I run some default 3-bet range vs a given position and compare how much equity does those hands have? If yes then what would be a good equity threshold to qualify a hand for a 4-Bet bluff?

As for the 4-Bet bluffs is the 1:1 bluff:value ratio good because that's how the default Peter's CO range was created?

Also if it's good to create general ranges like EP vs 3-bet instead of EP vs MP/CO/BU etc 3-bet? For example my EP value 4-bet range is nonexistent vs a OOP 3-bettor because I flat even the top of a range.


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