[EP10] Turn play after a merged check raise get called?

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[EP10] Turn play after a merged check raise get called?

Hi all,
I just watched the merged flop raising course and it actually brought me a lot of new ideas about how to deal with full range c-bet strategy.
Then the next questions would be the turn play after villain calls our merged raise. We need to battle with a merged range against a stronger range of villain out of position. If villain overfolds on flop vs. our raise then we can easily go away. But as Peter indicated in the video, a solid villain would also call many weak hands to somehow meet the minimal defense frequency. Then I guess that we have an uphill battle to fight then.
Is there any suggestion on this topic. Or maybe we can use the example in the video, we check-raise with A4dd on 7c4s2h and villain called. Turn comes a 8d or Kd, how should we approach the hand?
Thanks in advance.


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