Episode 16 - Mixed 3bet Strategies

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Episode 16 - Mixed 3bet Strategies


I have a question about the example at the end of the video where we are BB v Solid Reg on BU.

Peter says that we have Average or Unknown Fold Equity versus villain, but I would have assumed that due to him being on the BU and having a somewhat standard range, that Fold Equity is HIGH in this spot, and so we adopt the Polarized 3 betting range.

If BU opens 40-50% of hands from this position and faces a 3B then I think FE must be pretty high here, even versus a solid reg

In the video previous to this we looked at a situation where a tight player opened from the CO and we said FE was high here, so i think versus a tougher opponent but with a range much wider, we are looking at similar % of range that they fold to a 3B?

Would like feedback on where my assumption has gone wrong? Do we estimate what % of their total range continues, to determine whether FE is high or not?


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